Air Operation Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps are used when pressure needed on chemical transfer. Pump body and diaphragm material are specially selected according to usage and the liquid to be transferred. As it works with air, it is suitable for operation in explosive environment.

These pumps work with compressed air. There are 2 diaphragms that are connected to each other with a common mill.  Compressed air from the air distribution system first pushes 1 diaphragm then the other. Diaphragm at one side pumps the liquid while being pushed by the compressed air, the other one makes the suction. When the compressed air changes direction and push the suction diaphragm, liquid evacuated and the other diaphragm starts suction. Thus simultaneously one diaphragm makes the suction, the other one pumps it.


Mainly used in liquid transfer, tank and drum draining, circulation.

Main Features

  • Dry suction
  • Electroless workind
  • Variable flow
  • Transfer of liquid with particules
  • Ex-proof 
  • Transfer of high viscosity liquids


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