Seal Pumps

AYENSO Mechanically Sealed Pumps are used for safely transfer of aggressive and corrosive chemicals. Horizontal shape brings the advantage of covering smaller area and easier instillation. Mechanical seal is used between the drive shaft and pump housing to contain pressure needed and avoid friction caused by the rotating shaft. Seal and body material are specially selected due to the process and liquid to be transferred.
Pumps are designed with high engineering infrastructure of our company and optimized with the flow and strength analysis so that trouble-free operation of our products for many years is ensured. According to customer needs, design and material can be changed. Service and stock of spare parts makes it possible to suggest fast and high quality solutions to all customer needs.

*Please contact for other capacity and pressure values.


Especially used for corrosive liquid transfer and filtration.
  • Chemical Process

  • Electro Plating

  • Industrial Process

  • Chemical Transfer and Filtration
  • Galvanizing Plants
  • Plating Plants
  • Anodizing Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Scrubber
  • Acid
  • Alkaline
  • Salt Water and Sea Water



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